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This is a method providing the quickest answers. It is a form of instant analysis that allows you to analyze your friends, family, mate, or date very quickly, without even having to know anyone's birth date.

Got your eye on someone special ? Fret not because this method unlocks the door to his or her very secret thoughts and desires, the knowledge of which puts you far out ahead of bothersome competition. And that is a million dollar key!

Men often use their fullname, including a middle initial of business, but are called a nickname by their family and friends. In this case, the business name would reveal ambitions that are applicable to the man's career, and his nickname would reveal desires and personality characteristics of a different nature.

Married women are often said to take on the numerological characteristics of their husbands, and they do in fact take on the vibrations of his surname. However, the vibrations of the name given at birth endow them with the characteristics with which their pre-marriage personality was formed and this, of course, has to be considered.


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